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שם המוצר/פריט:מגבר אוזניות Lehmann Audio Black Cube Linear
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מגבר אוזניות HIGH END ברמת Class A.
לכל חובבי שמע באוזניות ברמות הגבוהות -חובה להאזין למגבר הזה.
מומלץ ביותר על ידי כל ירחוני האודיו בעולם.
תוצרת גרמניה!.
מפרט מלא:
Do you have any idea how great your headphones really could sound? Hear a Black Cube Linear now and expect a surprise!
 Dynamic headphones are much more different than most people realize. For the same sound pressure level the power needed with different headphone models can vary up to a factor of about 500! Impedances can be different to a factor of more than 20!
 This is the reason why different headphone models have very individual requirements to the headphone amplifier driving them in terms of voltage and current. Everybody who once has connected a high quality headphone to any given standard headphone output knows about this problem.
 Since the launch of the Linear in 2004 there is a high end headphone amplifier to realize even the highest demands to reference quality headphone music reproduction. The selectable gain (0dB, 10dB, 20dB) of the Black Cube Linear effectively optimizes the output level of the zero global feedback Class A output stage. Practically all high quality dynamic headphones available will show their best possible performance, no matter if you have an easy to drive low impedance pair of headphones or an ineffective pair of 600 Ohms studio cans.
 Carefully selected top notch components and a highly sophisticated circuit design guarantee top performance listening pleasure. For stereo setups with just one source like a CD player or a turntable with a phono stage the Black Cube Linear is the simplest and most effective active preamp one can think of. All audio connectors including the two Neutrik phone jacks come with gold plated contacts. No external Y-adapter is needed!
 The faceplate and the massive milled aluminium knob for the smooth running 27mm ALPS high grade volume control are available in anodized black or silver.
 To get the best out of your headphone you will have to try the Linear
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